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A 28-year culinary veteran of the restaurant and country club industry, I lost  my place of employment due to Super Storm Sandy in 2012.

Vowing to work in a place that was immune to the will of hurricanes, I set my sights on the untapped market of food trucks in New Jersey. Next hurricane? I’ll be serving sliders in Iowa.

I took my passion for culinary excellence and poured it into the seemingly simple form of The Slider. But, as you’ll come to find, these are anything but simple sliders. Try one for yourself…You’ll be checking Twitter every day to find us around town again.



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We'd love to discuss things like our menu or your catering needs!


Varies (call us or check Twitter)


Around Freehold, NJ



    Hi, my name is Bob, I am the owner and would like to tell you about The Outslider. I built this truck seven years ago and I have take pride in everything I do. I only use locally sourced FDA-approved vendors. Our burgers are a special blend from a local butcher made fresh every day. All of our sauces and ingredients are made from scratch and all our sliders are cooked to order.  We have always taken pride in our service and quality of ingredients (winning us numerous awards including Best Sliders in New Jersey.) From day one, we took the cleaning of our truck very seriously. Maintaining best cleaning practices, we have always worn gloves during service. In addition,  we clean the entire truck with soap and water and finish with Bleach to sterilize with truck. During these times of Covid 19, we will continue to do our deep cleaning every day and wear masks to protect our employees and our patrons. We just want to give everyone some peace of mind and to explain that a lot of LOVE has gone into every bite.

    -Chef Bob